What Do You Really Know About Metal Roofs?

Metal roofs are efficient, cost effective, attractive and durable – but thousands of home and business owners shy away from installing one. As a matter of fact, simple misinformation is behind the reluctance of many who fail to turn to metal roofing, and the following four myths are among the most tenacious and most fallible of all.

  1. Metal roofing is too expensive to be practical. Untrue! While the up front cost of a high quality metal roof is higher than that of an asphalt shingle roof, a metal roof could be that last one you’ll ever have to buy – and a properly installed metal roof can even pay for itself by reducing energy bills by as much as 35% every summer.
  2. Metal roofing is insanely loud when it rains. Untrue! While a barn or warehouse with an uninsulated metal roof can mimic rapid gunfire during even a light shower, a modern metal roof installed over solid sheathing and roofing underlayment will produce no more noise in a storm than a traditional asphalt shingled roof.
  3. A metal roof is more likely to be struck by lightening. Untrue! Metal roofs do not attract lightening. However, if lightening did strike your house, the metal would quickly dissipate the charge; and it’s non-combustible, which means less chance of fire.
  4. Metal roofs are easily damaged. Totally untrue! Metal roofing has a special zinc or aluminum based compound bonded to the surface, and is then covered with special paint designed specifically to resist the elements and stay looking new for years. Metal roofs are also extremely hail resistant and cannot be destroyed by high winds as shingled roofs can.

A metal roof can last a lifetime, protect your home from the elements, and even save you money. The next time your roof needs a makeover, considering making it your last.

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