Cost of Metal Roofs

Cost of Metal Roofing

Let’s talk about some financial benefits.

They say “a penny saved is a penny earned,” but that’s actually not the case at all. It’s actually much, much more. When you consider income tax, Medicare, Social Security, return on investment that you could be making with that money, you may actually have to earn up to $150 just to bring home a hundred.

Given this example, it becomes clear why saving money is so financially important. With a turbulent economy and erratic stock market, return on investment becomes harder and harder to achieve.

The safety and peace of mind of investing in your home is the smart choice. Both the Billy Ellis metal roof and ThermaDeck solutions presented actually generate cash flow. “How much?” you ask. Let’s take a look.

Check out this Vintage Billy Ellis Customer Testimonial… this video was shot back in 1983.

Even back then we were saving people on average 25% on the monthly energy bill. That’s why we call it the… Original Green Roof!
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Is it safe to assume your energy bill will increase 4% per year? Take a look at your energy bill; it’s actually higher. But let’s stay with four percent. Assuming that the average electric bill is $400 a month, and assuming you’re going to save 25% on your energy bill, in five years, you will have saved $6800. In ten years, you will have saved $15,000. And in thirty years, you will have saved $70,000. That’s return on investment.

So the question is not “Do I want to spend the money?” You’re going to spend the money either way. The question becomes, “At the end of five years, do I want to have the permanent solution of a metal roof and the money it generated, or no solution and no money?”

Cost of Metal Roofing?

Cost vs. Price: Yes, the initial price for a Metal Roof can be higher than that of a temporary solution like composition shingles, but consider the cost of higher electric bills every month (aluminum roofing can save up to 25% off monthly energy bills), the higher cost for insurance (metal roofing can save up to 35% off homeowners insurance premiums), and the high cost of replacement (the price to replace a composition roof doubles about every 12 years). Because a Billy Ellis Aluminum Roof is permanent, energy efficient, and hail resistant, it is considered “Investment Grade Roofing”, and over the long haul, the actual cost of a permanent metal roof is much less than a temporary composition shingle. As a matter of fact, in many cases, a Billy Ellis Metal Roof will actually pay for itself in only twelve years. Click here and check out this video on the financial benefits of a Billy Ellis Metal Roof.

metal roofs by billy ellis