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At Billy Ellis Roofing, we put our Metal Roofing Systems to the test every day. From the exacting standards with which we install your roof to the intricate inspection and supervision performed during the entire installation process. Billy Ellis strives daily to make sure the roof on your home will indeed last a lifetime. We have a proven history of staying on the leading edge of residential metal roofing. Our intricately detailed products and patented systems are well-respected as leading the industry in terms of beauty and functionality. Our focus on aluminum allows homeowners to choose a metal roof which never has a risk of rusting. Billy Ellis has been cutting home electric bills by an average of 25% since 1979.
High-Tech Metal Roofing

As the technology of the industry constantly improves, we are committed to improving with it in order to make sure that we are always producing only the highest quality metal roofing systems possible. This commitment to quality often involves updating certain aspects of our product design.

metal roofs by billy ellis HI-R is a superior quality coating system that incorporates specially-formulated infrared reflective pigments that will keep your home much cooler, lower your bills, and turn your home into one of the most energy-efficient homes on the planet. Billy's Injection-Molded Foam Backer not only makes the metal shingles strong enough to drive a truck over, it is also a great insulator. The Classic aluminum shingle with the Billy Ellis foam backer will keep your attic at ambient temperature. Perfection Aluminum Shingles Billy Ellis is an authorized dealer for Perfection Aluminum Shingles. He is a perennial presidents club winner, winning the top award virtually every year since 1979, and he took top honors at this year's dealer meeting. Billy was recognized as the Grandfather of Metal Roofing. Billy has revolutionized all forms of metal roofing with his miter valley, one piece starter strip, combo gable trim, and the injection-molded foam backer, custom vent system, and the list just goes on. Over the years, Perfection Country Manor Shake has also stayed on the leading edge of coating technology. They were the first roofing manufacturer of residential metal shingles to use Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® paint systems, providing the ultimate in fade and chalk resistance. They were also the first company to introduce heat-reflective coatings to the residential metal roofing industry, helping customers create energy-efficient homes, to maximize energy savings while meeting the goals of today's local, state, and federal energy efficiency initiatives. And, most recently, Perfection Country Manor Shake developed, and began offering the first Kynar 500®/ Hylar 5000® powder coating ever used in the metal roofing industry. Billy Ellis Metal Roofing Can Withstand The Elements A unique four-way interlock system assures a weather-tight, wind-resistant hold on all four sides of a Billy Ellis metal roof. This interlock system has been proven in laboratory tests to remain watertight even during wind-driven rain of over 110 miles per hour.

metal roofs by billy ellis